The Last Minute – relax you have a little helper

I heard that we spend three years of our lives putting things off. Why not I say, why hurry when there is a little helper.

You may not be aware but you have a handy tool
One from which you’ll reap reward and value as a rule
Often not considered and frequently maligned
This ever present hero is that final nick of time.
The culminating sixty secs you know will always care
The minute that will sort things out when none are left to spare

The last minute plays a blinder.
The last minute is supreme.
The last minute saves your bacon.
The last minute’s on your team.
When you have a heavy workload that’s causing lots of stress
By some grace you have an ace, you’ve been minutely blessed.
You needn’t do those things today, relax just stress tomorrow
For goodness sake just take a break there’s minutes still to borrow

The last minute has the final say
The last minute is your saviour
The last minute truly compensates
for slack delayed behaviour

Should you be the one who’s nagged and constantly berated.
It’s only that the nagger and the Minute’s not acquainted.
“Oi, there Mr Nagger desist and cease your moaning
Let me introduce you to my mate who’ll cure your groaning”

The last-minute is for you to use, just think of it as a friend.
A happy, clappy cheerful chap……who does things in the end

The last minute plays at catch-up
The last minute always wins
The last minutes not a quitter
The last minute saves our skins

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