Blatherskite – when words fail

Sometimes dragging the right word from your brain, hauling it to your tongue and finally tipping it out is tricky…  It must be my age.

Pardon me for being vague
I need a word, it’s been delayed
Perhaps it’s lost or just confused,
Halted by a snip of news?
Patience please I’ll shortly puncture
Silence at this awkward juncture.
I’ll summon up by force of will
The dratted word I need to fill
That blatantly rebellious gap
From where my train of thought’s been zapped.
Hooray – my lips have got a start
On where I’ve stalled, at least in part,
And as they form a tiny pout
I think a morpheme’s coming out.
Wordage teeters on the brink,
Pertinent, profound, succinct…
”Excuse me please is this seat taken
Noooo…my word’s forsaken!
Damn and blast you cuckoo query
invading what I had so nearly.
A gem of words was bursting forth
And now it’s gone for good of course.
Full stopped abruptly thoughts are hung,
But wait – there’s something  on my tongue
My all-time king of subject matter
filling gaps in any natter.
It may be dull and not that clever,
Shame today about the weather.


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