Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (With Wings)

The truth is out there


Mother Nature was it wise
Designing seagulls for our skies?
Was your plan for their creation
some persistent aggravation?
A dose perhaps of pay-back-itis,
leaving us with thieving blighters?
wreaking vengeance on mankind
for trashing what was once so fine.
Reflecting back our human failings
strewing garbage round our railings.
All night long their raucous screeching
ends all hope of any sleeping
as greedy gangs embark on ripping
discards of our human living.
Picking out the good and rotten
unconsumed and just forgotten.
Never take your ice cream cone
ten feet near a seagull zone.
Emboldened thieving on the beach
means snatching all that’s in their reach.
Don’t stick your tongue out for a lick.
That’s when they do their swooping trick
Wrenching from you with a scream
your chocolate fondant sundae cream.
Hopefully without your tongue,
pinched mid-lick before you’re done.
Mothers make a baby tether
Save them from low flying feather
Weigh your prams with ample baggage
or see gull baby under-carriage

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