Short and Sweet – a collection


What would you do with a ball of twine?
A line of string, one end inside
the rest wound around tight in a ball.
I felt mine.

I held tight to one end and
Propelled my ball high into the sky
Just to see.
Blinded for a second I never saw where it fell.

How did you find it?
That other end.
Where you looking for a line?
Or was your eye caught by its loose end
As it lay in blades of grass.

Perhaps it dangled high in a tree out of reach.
Did you think
“how strange, how bizarre is this string thing”

Picking it up you pulled it.
I felt that small shove in your direction
And looking up hand shaded
Made the connection.

I must have thrown out a few,
Sometimes not even aware I’d let go.
Sometimes my ends fall in empty places
And I haul them quietly back in.
But when I feel the gentle tugs
I tighten my grip.


arcade crazed
phased by the array
of ways to play and pay
the tens and twos
you use and loose
your stash of cash
loved but shoved
crashed and clashed
drowned in sounds
as pounds come down
the shoot you scoop
them out with cries
and shouts above the din
you made a win
back they go to show
you know the ropes
you hope, but nope
your out of luck
your full up cup
has lost the hue of
long lost twos
need more to score
that winning din
that pleasant sin
so birthday notes
must be redeemed
just slot the lot in
change machine
but dreams of toys
for boys and cones
of cream and
pounds to spend
are brought to end
by Mum who’s come
to stop your fun
no more arcade
today my son


The same minute every day
(Barring minor train delays)
Comuterman I’m passing fast
Stealing insights through the glass
One snapshot life has caught my eye
From the 7.15 North London line
Her window life is train-work set
each morning sitting at her desk
Thought gazed quietly at her screen
Intrigued I wonder what she sees
Unforeseen we coincide
The 715 gaze notes my ride

A look connects my passing train
Thoughts un tabled in my brain
I’m sure she smiled and held my gaze
And raised a palm as if to wave
7.15 next eager-line
Throw your window open wide
Comuterman please come inside
snapshot girl replies abrupt
Today her curtains tightly shut

Bathed in morning window light
A shadow shades my words from sight
As bang on time comuter men
Invade my train of thought again
Drawn to look I freeze a frame
Or faces looking much the same
Heads tipped down perusing news
Or mouths snapped open sharing views
Some who glazed just sit and stare
absorbing life through grime and glare
Who you are and what you glean
From stolen glance or window lean
Is no concern of mine today
Next time look the other way
don’t take offence if I’m abrupt
my blinds today stay tightly shut

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