Selfy too


It speaks for itself

We’re looking mighty fine
‘Cos we bought ASOS on- line
And tonight we’re looking buff
Not our normal kind of rough
We’re looking out for lads
If they’re hunky cool and rad.
Lashes on we’re barely seeing
Could it be the vodka pre-ing?
Well It only took 2 hours
To dress and tan and shower
So we take a final peek.
Lippy on, then take a leak
We reach to close the door
But hey, there’s one thing more
Frankie, Gemma, Chelsea
We haven’t done the selfy!!!

Come on girls cuddle up
Hold the iphone slightly up
Chin down to the right
Oh my god the lighting’s shite
stick your arm out on your hip
tip you head a little bit
what’s that mardy face on Chelsea
this’ll be a rubbish selfy
Ready now just do your pout
Just a sec you cut me out
Are we ready do your stuff
Oh my god my makeups rough
Will you put the mirror down
Am I looking over brown
Tuck you boobs in will you Chelsea
There ain’t the room in this ‘ere selfy

Now we’re dancing on the floor
He looked at me I know for sure
He’s reaching down inside his shirt
Shite I think he wants to flirt
“Come on girls now don’t be shy
I fancy you can’t tell a lie”
Come on Chels don’t have a strop
godsakes mate you DO look hot
p’raps he’ll buy us all a shout
No he’s got his Samsung out
Thought he might be after Chelsea
No he’s gonna do a selfy

And everywhere we seem to look
We see selfies being took
celebs have even got a notion
doing selfy self- promotion
Right let’s all go find the loo
and a take another pic or two
ok guys but tell me straight
is my make-up in a state?
oh my god your looking pink
Someone spiked your drink the fink?
No it’s just I got a text
Christ you’d think they’d have resect
What- you’re looking rather badly
Don’t you chuck up in your Radley
No this is even more unhealthy
Mum and Dad Just sent a selfy!!!

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