Where did all the time go

Where did all the time go?
Tell me if you’re in the know.
Was it sucked up late one night
then spat out somewhere out of sight?
Perhaps it’s somewhere in a pile,
A mountain made of missing while.
Hanging round in empty space
Unattached to time or place.
Could I please now have some back?
To reassess where there was lack,
Remind me of the things I missed
Along the way to now and this.
For I swear I only glanced away
For seconds just the other day
And turning back I can’t conceive
Just how things have changed for me.
For in that instant children grew
People died and friends we knew
Torn, unblessed and wracked with pain
Wished so much for time again.
But that lost momental heap
where to this day my times still seep
will not relinquish gotten gains
but simply speeds its constant drain

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