Dear Boris (a letter from an unknown bird in the Thames Estuary)

Dear Boris

I nearly lost my reedy perch
hearing they might still besmirch
our fabled natural habitat,
No one’s up for flattening that.
Can’t you drop the estuary hub
(or Boris Island as it’s dubbed)
I know Grain’s not the Isle of Beaut,
just haute-cuisine in terms of newt,
but birds as far away as Russia
all agree our mud is lusher.
Relocation? Stone the crows!
Where do you think we’re going to go?
Where we roam – it’s in our bones
it’s not some random sodden zone.
Have you thought about our needs
provided mud and tasty weeds?
Will we get to peck our baggage?
What’s the relocation package?
Will you ship us out by truck?
Crated up – well best of luck?
I’d like to see you try to net
A million birds who like it wet! 
Perhaps you’ve booked us Ryanair?
Frankly Boris, we despair!
You cannot simply relocate us,
foolish boy – we are migrators!
If you ship us off the Grain,
we’ll just be drawn right back again,
fowling up the dreaded turbines
pretty bad for for us AND airlines!
You can zip along the highway,
but this is our great eastern flyway.
Care for us and river botany, 
eschew political economy.
Protect us from the airport plans,
be our estuary island man.
History then will say you saved us.
Make Boris Island rightly famous!

a bird in the Thames Estuary

3:39 PM, FRI 28 FEB 2014
Additional analysis needed on Estuary airport proposals
The challenges remain, but the potential benefits, especially in relation to noise and regeneration, appear stronger than for other new hub sites.

We have therefore stated that we will carry out additional analysis of these options, looking not just at the proposal from the Mayor but also those from private sector promoters, to properly understand some of the implications of a new hub airport at those sites.


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