Insects have feasted and sucked on my blood,
cuisine the wee blighters can’t get enough of.
With glee and abandon they’ve skipped round my skin,
shoving their dastardly proboscises in.
There’s crannies and nooks undoubtedly breached
In places you bet that will never be reached.
Un-scratchable itching will drive you insane,
struggling, contorted half-nelsoned in vain.
Succeed and your lost as nightly you’re cursed
resisting the urge not to make matters worse.
They must have worn masks to avoid the strong whiff
Of spray you where promised would kill with one sniff
“This stuff’s guaranteed to get bugs to stop it
Take “After Nip” too for those that won’t hop it”
But slapping it on you’re now feeling sure
This bite’s looking bigger than ever before
The lump on your leg is the size of a plate,
You’re clearly allergic or spawning a mate!
Dear god, if that nightmare scenario came true –
Fly-laying limbs – not a good look on you !
Acetone, tea tree, is Sudocreme best,
for ants in the pants or a low budget nest?
Don heavy clothing a mask and strong deet!
Back off you bugs I’m packing Deep Heat!

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