A Million Touches


A bit of a detour here as this isn’t in any way a witty verse. We often hear in the news about children being taken from their parents and never seeing them again. If it happened to me I think I would spend the rest of my life looking for that child and for resemblances in the faces of the people I see.

The audio version with music composed by me is above.

A Million Touches

Daily watching London engulfed by quiet hordes

Julie dodges bodies, single minded and absorbed.

Somewhere on the circle line un-noticed on the route,

she’s incommunicado on the daily home commute


Underneath her coat in the inside hidden pocket,

crumpled by a million feels to check she’s not forgot it,

a single faded photo is folded, scratched and gritty,

one she snapped that time ago when you were looking pretty.


Julie’s watching faces

but slowly losing sight.

A million touches later

Julie’s losing platform light.


Julie’s pocket’s worn,

She’s slowly losing fight.

A million touches later,

Julie’s losing platform light.


The platform light was bright when she lost her hold of you.

Something tugged her raincoat and that was all she knew.

A million tugs since then have pulled her heart this way.

She’s old and none the wiser how it happened on that day.

Hints of recognition have caused her eye to linger

on the almost unremembered she still feels beneath her finger.

Attention to the detail, a small degree of baggage,

60 heads a station then move on down the carriage.


Julie’s losing reasons

Julie’s losing sight.

A million touches later,

Julie’s losing platform light


Julie’s losing

Julie’s losing

Julie’s slowly losing sight

A million touches later,

Julies losing platform light

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