Old Sofa


Sagging sofa cast aside

Biros, coins and forks inside

Trapped behind the buttoned pleats

Of what was once a well-plumped seat.

Long before time took its toll

The five of us would often loll

Snuggled up with books to read

In comfy warm proximity

Sometimes we weren’t there to shout

That’s when the kids would jump about

Performing somewhat daring leaps

And landings on its bouncy seats


That sofa served so many uses

Notwithstanding great abuses,

Soaked up hot repentant tears

And heard us laugh across the years


In the end it had to go

And now it’s rather sad you know

The kids have grown, a new ones safe

And pristine sits in its new space


The old one’s outside in the rain

Unwanted, broken, slightly stained

It’s waiting for one final trip

A short ride to the refuse tip

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